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On the initiative of Ivan Tavčar Elementary School and in collaboration with the Slovenian Red Cross we are inviting applications for the art contest during the Red Cross Week (8 May to 15 May) entitled





Children should be aware that even a smal good deed can help saving lives and help people surrounding them.They should develop the culture of mutual understanding and respect, and try to find ways for a better life. With creative art motifs and ideas and with sensible art expression we wish to encourage the children to seek for solutions how to help each other for a better tomorrow.


All elementary schools can participate in this contest with an unlimited number of artworks in various techniques and in A3 format. The panel of experts will choose for each triad a limited number of artworks which will stand out for their quality and imagination. They will receive certificates and the first three winning entries will be given interesting awards.


You can invite your friends from abroad to participate in this contest since it is open internationally.

Each artwork must have the following information at the backside:

  • the name, the surname, the age and the class of the author or kindergarten
  • the name and the surname of the mentor
  • the title of the artwork
  • the exact address of the school, the phone number and the e-mail address of the school
  • a copy of the parental consent for publishing the artwork

We will start to collect the artworks during the Red Cross Week (8 May to 15 May). All artworks must be submitted by 24. June 2013 to the following address: Jana Rojc, OŠ Ivana Tavčarja Gorenja vas (likovni natečaj), Trata 40, 4224 Gorenja vas.

All entries will be evaluated by the panel consisting of Silva Karim, Marjeta Kepic and Jana Rojc. No entries will be returned. The results of the contest will be announced at the official websites of the Slovenian Red Cross and Ivan Tavčar Elementary School in September 2012.

The awards and certificates will be presented by the Slovenian Red Cross at the grand finale in November. The awarded artworks will be kept in the Slovenian Red Cross archive. The Slovenian Red Cross has the right to publish and display the awarded artworks. They can also be used – in the forms of brochures, posters, calendars, … – for advertising.

For further information and additional explanation you can contact the head of contest, Jana Rojc (telephone number 031 250 723 or 04 50 70 107).

All the artists and their mentors are invited to see the finale of the contest on the websites of the Slovenian Red Cross (www.rks.si)and Ivan Tavčar Elementary School(www.os-ivantavcar.si).

Kindest regards and a lot of creative success.

Danijel Starman, Secretary-General of the Slovenian Red Cross

Jana Rojc, the contest coordinator

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